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Escape Plan

Prepare a suitcase with:

  • Essential belongings or what you don't want to leave behind, easy to store and load

  • Changes of clothes for you and the girls

  • Personal toiletries

  • Baby items or items for girls

  • Common medicines

  • Toys or special items for children

Llama a la policía

  • Tell him that you are in a domestic violence situation. Provides complete details and information.

  • Write down the license plate number and name of all the police officers and personnel who investigate your case.

  • Also write down the complaint number and ask for a copy of it.

  • Request a police escort and/or go to the Investigation Room of the nearest Court to request a protection order and its provisional measures

  • Go to the nearest Legal Services office

Store your suitcase in a safe place (home of a neighbor, family member, close friend)

Consider transportation and how to get out of the house: think about how

and who are you going out with?

of the house:

  • Police

  • Cab

  • Public Transportation

  • Car of friends or family

Utiliza recursos de ayuda

  • If you have been assaulted, go to an emergency room. Inform the room staff that you are in a domestic violence situation. Ask for a copy of your medical record, this will help you in case you decide to file criminal charges against the aggressor.

  • Find someone you trust to leave any pets you own with.

Have the following important documents on hand. Leave these documents in the same place as or inside the suitcase:

  • The most important telephone numbers

  • Social security cards or any similar document for you or your children

  • Driver's license and car registration

  • Electoral card

  • Medical cards or their equivalents

  • Cash

  • Savings books, checkbooks or credit cards or their account numbers

  • Medical records of you and your children

  • Important payment receipts

  • Passports or tourist visas

  • Copy of house and car keys

  • Photos of you and your daughters

  • Copy of protection order (if you have)

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